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14 Plot Hooks for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might not be the most thematic day for a special Dungeons & Dragons one-shot. But, elements of romance often work well for spurring adventures.

So, if you have a special couples day planned or want to give your players a fresh side-quest, I’ve put together a list of 14 (of course) Valentine’s Day and romance-inspired plot hooks! Each of these plot hooks and adventure ideas are free for you to use in your home game.

All I ask is if you use any of these adventure ideas in your game, leave a comment below or tag me on Twitter, @RolePlayRespite, to let me know how it goes!

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Without further ado, here are 14 plot hooks for Valentine’s Day and romance-themed adventures!

14 Valentine’s Day D&D / Fantasy TTRPG Plot Hooks

  1. A town has an ages-long, annual tradition of escorting the rings of the first rulers from the city center to their graves. This year, rumors of a malevolent shadow circulate. Witnesses claim they felt a deep dread while within the presence of the shadow, causing concerns for the upcoming celebration.
  2. The annual festival to the deity of love, both platonic and romantic, gets interrupted by the appearance of a supposed emissary of said deity. They claim the deity is displeased with the people and demands outrageous offerings atypical of the traditional tithings.
  3. An emissary of a love deity loses their power one day. Their job is to remain unseen while fostering romance in their assigned region. But, something sapped their power when they passed over a noble’s estate.
  4. A noble family desperately wants to hire adventurers willing to rescue their adult child from a dragon. They saw the dragon take their child to the mountains. Little does the family know, the dragon and child fell in love prior and decided to elope. The party then needs to figure out how to placate the family (while ideally getting paid for their services).
  5. A powerful and ancient artifact is stolen from a wizard’s laboratory. This artifact, if uncontained, randomly emits a magical aura which causes anyone within 120 feet, excluding the holder, to fall in love with the first person they see. The wizard is desperate to retrieve the item to continue their research…and possibly avoid mass chaos in the streets.
  6. Two lovers from feuding villages discover a series of tunnels in the mountains which separate their homes. Fearing for their safety, both families seek adventurers to follow the lovers where they find an intertwining labyrinth of caves containing various traps set to keep interlopers out.
  7. A young mage finds themselves beset by a succubus they accidentally summoned. Normally, dealing with the succubus wouldn’t be an issue, but the fiend seems to have legitimate feelings for the mage which causes conflicting emotions. The succubus wants to convince the mage they can forego their fiendish nature while the mage wants to find the resolve to send the succubus back.
  8. A traveling diviner claims to be able to identify the exact day, time, and person someone will fall in love with. This causes a fair bit of chaos as the populace start preparing for each of their special days. Once the predictions start passing without coming to fruition, the embarrassment of the townsfolk call for the traveling diviner to come to justice but no one can find them.
  9. A warmongering lord outlaws marriage for individuals under the age of 35, claiming that single individuals make better soldiers for their near-constant hostile relations with neighboring counties. Many people resent the decision with one temple ignoring the decree and continuing to hold marriage ceremonies for the populace. Rumors spread and young couples flock to the temple, but this catches the attention and ire of the lord.
  10. A mage seeks adventurers to help their latest creation, a copper construct, to understand the world. Recently, the construct began asking questions about matters of relationships, both romantic and platonic. The construct’s creator wants adventurers to take the construct with them to demonstrate love in the world.
  11. The Festival of Roses is an annual event for romantic partners to present flowers to each other. Ordinarily, a region-wide celebration takes place, but one town seems plagued by some disease that not only wilts the flower, but causes resentment in most of the populace. Rumors of a witch’s curse begin circulating as people claim they saw an unfamiliar old-woman wandering the streets.
  12. An annual tradition for the region involves couples leaping over a fire to demonstrate their devotion to each other and to keep the spark of their love alive. This tradition takes place over the course of a week with celebrations to love and romance. Light burns are fairly common, but an unusually high number of severe accidents begins to dampen the spirits of the celebration.
  13. A couple struggles to stay together due to a family curse; one of the pair is followed by a malevolent spirit which attacks their true love with increasing ferocity. They are willing to hire adventurers to lift the curse. The trick is little is known of the curse, only that an entity of shadow approached the cursed lover’s ancestor during a new moon.
  14. The annual romance festival is a week long celebration of love and unity. This year, the festival organizers want to present something special as part of the festivities; rare flowers only found on the rim of a nearby volcano. Many creatures call the volcanic mountain home, so the organizers seek willing adventurers to bring back a large supply of the flowers before the festival begins.

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