25 Mountain Plot Hooks for D&D & TTRPGs, Photo Sketch of a Mountain Range

25 Mountain Plot Hooks

Is the party heading for a mountainous region or want to present them with a unique mountain-themed plot?

Here’s a list of 25 mountain-themed plot hooks including infinite climbs, migrating peaks, supernatual reflections of the natural world, and more!

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With that out of the way, here’s a list of 25 mountain-based plot hooks for D&D and other fantasy TTRPGs.

25 Mountain Plot Hooks for D&D & Other Fantasy TTRPGs

  1. A nearby mountain slowly creeps towards a town. It’s moving slowly, but the land appears to eat anything in it’s path.
  2. Miners begin prospecting a relatively unspoilt mountain. They find a few abandoned mining camps that seem to have been torn apart by some creature. Beneath several feet of earth, they discover a flesh-like layer that excretes a viscous, red fluid when damaged. It’s not long before they realize that the mountain is alive.
  3. Two mountain nations opposite each other have warred with each other for generations. The origins of the feud have been lost to time, but the valley between them and the location of their mountain homes seem to be at the center of their dispute.
  4. A lone mountain draws in dozens of adventurers each year because of the proclaimed treasure supposedly lying somewhere on or within the area. A town at the foot of the mountain contains a plaque claiming that would-be treasure hunters must pass the trials of the mountain to claim the prize.
  5. A thick fog begins radiating out from the mountains. At first, it was merely a convenience. Then, people started reporting seeing shadowy figures in the mists. Finally, people started going missing and inhuman noises started echoing out from the mountains through the fog.
  6. Known only as the "Endless Climb", a lone mountain poses a unique challenge to adventurers; claim the rumored treasure of unimaginable wealth and power at the top. The problem is the summit of the mountain seems to every be out of reach as progressively more powerful monsters appear and the distances seems to stretch the further one climbs.
  7. The nearby mountain range is said to hold the secrets of a long-lost civilization but the ancient guardians and the spirits of the dead haunt and protect the range from trespassers.
  8. The mountain seems to start growing at an alarming rate. Almost daily, the peak seems higher than the day before and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
  9. A reflection of a lone mountain appears in the sky. Where the two images touch, strange creatures begin descending the slopes of the mountain into the surrounding area.
  10. Legends say a great construct lies dormant beneath the mountain. Recently, stranger grinding noises and irregular tremors radiate out from the earthen spire.
  11. A mountain detaches from the earth and begins floating in the sky. It slowly drifts across the land as horrific monsters descend from the now skyborne mountainside.
  12. The mountain comes to life and demands tribute from the surrounding areas for the generations of use of its forests, ore, and game.
  13. Every year, a lone mountain serves as a contest of champions. Adventurers and warriors from across the land vie for the honor of beating out the competition and claim the title of Monarch of the Mountain.
  14. For generations, the people have believed the tallest mountain in the region served as the gateway to the home of the gods. Unfortunately, they the people learn they were right when horrifice, angelic creatures descend from the mountain one day, consuming any living thing in their path.
  15. Every century or so, a mountain range serves as the site of an otherworldly transit. Hundreds of malevolent creatures pass through the area, bringing destruction to nearby towns and settlements.
  16. Crossing the mountain range that stands as the border of the region reveals a seemingly endless expanse of spires, cliffs, and peaks. Rumors of a lost civilization in the lands beyond drive some aspiring individuals to venture into the uncharted territory.
  17. Legend states that a great beast was sealed within a dark reflection of a large mountain range. The sigils that keep the creature sealed are hidden and spread throughout the range and someone has started deactivating them.
  18. A seemingly endless mountain eventually leads to the home of a powerful celestial. Many would-be adventurers, good, evil, or otherwise, attempt to reach the summit of the mountain seeking a boon from the celestial. But, many obstacles and monsters dwell along the slopes of the mountain, posing many dangers to those who venture towards the peak.
  19. The protector dragon of the mountains mysteriously vanishes before returning. But, they return changed; instead of protecting the peoples of the mountain range, the dragon becomes a tyrant, demanding sacrifices and culling anyone who stands against them.
  20. The stones of a mountain range begin spontaneously animating. Some of the animated creatures seem docile but others begin invading and attacking nearby settlements.
  21. Rumors swirl that a mysterious creature roams the mountain range. Only reports from frightened travelers, hunters, and gatherers provide any information of the creature, but they often all have conflicting accounts. Some wealthy patrons are willing to pay to have the creature brought to them.
  22. A sacred mountain punishes trespassers by seemingly making them disappear into thin air. Some of the trespassers return as spirits, but no bodies are ever found. This spiriting away starts happening in towns and settlements near the foot of the mountain which has never happened before.
  23. A powerful dragon calls upon adventurers to serve them in their mountain home as a form of protection. They often have other adventuring groups and other groups attempt to trespass or steal from their vast hoard.
  24. The tallest mountain in the region suddenly produces dozens of mirror versions of itself throughout the countryside. Each reflection is solid and has different monsters residing along its slopes. No one has any idea as to what caused the reflections to appear or where the monsters come from.
  25. A specific mountain in a long range serves as a portal to various planes of existence. Venturing up the slope deposits a person on an idential mountain on a different plane. The catch is only those the mountain seems to deem "worthy" are moved to a different plane. Some sort of invastion, calamity, or other disaster always seems to be happening wherever the mountain sends someone.

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