25 Winter Plot Hooks for D&D and Fantasy TTRPGs, Photo Sketch of a Snow-Covered Bridge with a Person in the Distance

25 Winter Plot Hooks

Need a Winter-themed adventure hook for your D&D game?

I’ve put together a list of 25 plot hooks perfect for a Winter-themed campaign or adventure for you to use. All I ask is if you use one of these, please leave a comment here or tag me on Twitter, @RolePlayRespite. Other than that, feel free to use these however you like!

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Without further ado, here’s a list of 25 Winter plot hooks for D&D.

25 Winter-Themed Plot Hooks for D&D & Fantasy TTRPGs

  1. The winter snows have become particularly violent over the past weeks. Something about the storms feels almost malevolent as the snow drifts unnaturally and seemingly deliberately around homes and buildings.
  2. For generations, the silver dragon that protected the village from the top of a nearby mountain alleviated the impact of the winter. This year, the storms come and batter the village and no one has neither heard nor seen the dragon. The townsfolk are starting to worry.
  3. Several days ago, a child vanished during a snow storm. A team of hunters set out into the snow-covered forest and have yet to return.
  4. An old woman wanders into town during a particularly heavy snow storm. Her skin appears almost frozen yet she seems unbothered by the cold. She promises to end the winter storms but requires adequate payment before vanishing from town.
  5. Every snowman made by the town’s children suddenly come to life…and they hate the townsfolk.
  6. A small group of battered-looking yeti wander near a town. They are worn and beaten. Something ran them away from their lands and they’re afraid of it returning.
  7. Malevolent ice creatures begin crawling out of a river and attacking homesteads around the region. Some people claim seeing a strange green light emanating from the direction of the river in the days leading up to the first monsters appearing.
  8. A town becomes snowed in and can’t receive trade supplies. They have enough food stored to last a couple weeks but they don’t have enough to last the winter.
  9. Ice sculptures of townsfolk start appearing throughout town. It was odd at first, but quickly turned terrifying as the sculptures started reappearing in different places in different poses. Some taking on malevolent poses.
  10. A frozen lake turns blood red one morning. No one know why or how, but they do notice that any creature that touches the lake falls terribly ill with an unknown disease. The discolored ice starts breaking off and flows downstream, threatening other locations with this illness.
  11. The snow starts glowing an unnatural purple color. Shortly after the glowing begins, animals in the area start acting strangely; standing still in the middle of town, some attempting to walk on two legs, and becoming increasingly violent towards people.
  12. A tinkerer is attempting to craft a flying carriage of sorts to deliver goods and supplies to the region as a means of overcoming the heavy snowfall. He’s missing some parts and needs help obtaining them due to said heavy snow storms.
  13. Every Winter, a monstrous creature stalks the various towns throughout the region. Anyone partaking in disruptive or what could be perceived as “bad” behavior suffer an attack by whatever this creature is. Reports say it’s a tall, furry creature with horns and wields a birch switch.
  14. The evergreen trees of the region have provided townsfolk firewood for the Winter for centuries. However, many people have reported the trees coming to life and attacking them when they went to gather wood for their homes.
  15. Rumors spread about a life-sized living doll seen skulking the streets during the dark Winter nights. Many thought it was just a scary story until a doll resembling a local man appears and no one can find the "real" him.
  16. Every year in the weeks leading up to the Winter solstice, strange things happen across the region. Animals go mad, people go missing, and strange messages appear in the snow. This year, the strange occurrences start earlier than usual and more violent.
  17. Multiple flash freezes sweep across the region as random intervals. Unaccustomed to this unusual weather pattern, many people are suffering as trade grinds almost to a halt. Many suspect an angry spirit or some sort of elemental force, but no one’s sure why this keeps happening.
  18. A major town always puts on a huge festival during the Winter solstice. They need assistance in their preparations including hunting for rare meat, gathering enchanted ice crystals, and other odd-jobs many adventurers scramble to take on.
  19. A clan of frost giants begin subjugating the town over the course of the Winter months. Their grip on the people feeds into their power as they begin casting an never-ending Winter over their newfound empire.
  20. A white dragon recently claimed an area of land and turns the region into a realm of ever-present ice and snow.
  21. Each Winter, a host of vampires grows in strength as the days become shorter and shorter. Multiple clans vie for supremacy over each other which often comes at the expense of populace of the region.
  22. Several ice elementals emerge each time is snows. They’re docile for the most part but they all begin a trek further north. If impeded in anyway, they turn violent, destroying buildings and harming anyone in their path.
  23. At the start of every Winter, an ice spirit graces the region and blesses the people wo help them make it until Spring. The spirit hasn’t made an appearance yet and the townsfolk are starting to worry.
  24. An endless blizzard engulfs the land. Some say they’ve been cursed by a witch of snow and ice to suffer for some perceived slight.
  25. An ice devil/demon in disguise seeks to claim as many souls as possible by promising salvation from a harsh Winter…that they cause.

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  1. I love absolutely love these!! I’m leaving a comment as I think these are crazy awesome, and I may use one of them in an upcoming one shot I’m putting together for close friends and my wife. Even I don’t, you deserve credit for coming up these great plot hooks! Thank you so much!!!

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