Respite (rēˈspīt): a short rest from something difficult or unpleasant

Welcome to Role Player’s Respite! I’m Brodie, the guy behind the screen. I love Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (like so, so many others).

Brodie Author of Role Player's Respite

So, I figured, "why not add my voice to the ever-growing community?"

Now, I’m not here to flaunt my extensive knowledge and rub it in your face.

I want this blog to be your go-to resource for helping new players and dungeon masters. Or, if you’re a new player yourself, I hope you find your answers here.

There’s a lot to playing D&D. I’m still learning new things. And, with a nigh constant stream of new, official content, the list of things to learn and remember grows. So, I try to keep up with things and share that knowledge with you all.

My background in playing is semi-unique. At least, I like to think so.

My first experience with a tabletop role-playing game was from a buddy’s homebrew game in college. Like, not campaign. He was making an entire system. It was fun, but not very structured. Keeping up with all the tiny systems in place was difficult. And, the advancement system was brutal.

Later, after 5e came out, my work wanted to orchestrate an Adventurer’s League for our location. I volunteered because why not?

I learned how to play and run D&D 5e in 2015 in-person from experienced Dungeon Masters. They taught me and a few others the ins-and-outs of the game. And, then I was off-and-running a campaign.

It…was okay. Alright, I’ll admit, I was awful. Not to mention, the weird rules corporate put on me meant I couldn’t turn away anybody. So, I ended up DMing for 12 people for a session or two and told my boss they can run it if that was how it was going to be.

That company doesn’t exist anymore…yay?


My background is actually in theater. I spent four years in college to earn a piece of paper proving that I can’t make sensible decisions. But, the acting training and experience fits pretty well with D&D. So, I think I broke even on that exchange…

I believe Dungeons & Dragons is a great game for pretty much everyone.

It’s fantastic for bringing people together to tell a story. It builds interpersonal, creative, and problem solving skills in a teamwork environment. Even better, it’s actually fun. Not like those “team building exercises” school and work force onto us.

If you like what you see or disagree with something on any of my posts, leave a comment (please be gentle).