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Contacting Role Player’s Respite

If you just have general questions or suggestions about a post, I encourage you to leave a comment on any corresponding article. This way, we can provide an answer to other readers in the future if they have the same question as you.

That said, if you have a question about a topic that I haven’t written about yet, I’ll answer to the best of my ability and potentially write about it on the blog in the future.

Guest Posts

Role Player’s Respite is now open for guest posts.

This blog is meant to serve as a resource for helping new players and Game Masters enhance their games through rules clarifications, inspiration, and guides. So, guest posts that offer help in these ways from other viewpoints benefits the entire community.

Below are the requirements Role Player’s Respite has for any guest posts.

Guest Post requirements:

  • Word Count: Minimum 1,000 words
  • Structure: Break up your content into sections with headings
  • Original: Content must be original, no re-posting articles from your own site
  • Tone: Role Player’s Respite has a casual tone meant to help new players, not condescend to them
  • Backlinks: Include 1 backlink to your site in your Bio, link will be nofollow, no in-content link back to your site (outbound links to reputable sites are okay)
  • Share: I’ll share your article like any other, so please share it on your usual channels too
  • Deadline: Let me know when you’ll finish the article for review
  • Bio: Include short, 2-3 sentence bio of you

Include your post idea(s) in your email with a brief description of what you want to talk about. If I like your topic, we can then work out a deadline for when you’ll have a draft ready for review. If you could send a Google Doc link set to “Anyone with link” and “Can edit”, I’ll make edits and suggestions. Once the review process is done, I’ll schedule the article and let you know when it will go live.

I will provide an opening paragraph prior to the body of your content as well as the featured image.

Business Queries

For business queries, please use the above email address. We can then discuss in private.