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Random Tavern Name Tables for D&D 5e & Other TTRPGs

A tavern is the classic starter to many a Dungeons & Dragons (or other fantasy tabletop roleplaying) game. It provides an easy explanation for how the player characters meet each other and an easy way to introduce a starting quest with different non-player characters coming and going.

More than that, adventurers in D&D and fantasy TTRPGs often seek out taverns on their travels for information,

The problem is naming the taverns in your game. So, I put together this table to help Game Masters with the process.

This tavern name generator uses 3 random tables; 2 d100 tables and 1 d20 table. The first d100 list is made up of various descriptors; adjectives, adverbs, and a few nouns. The second list is all nouns. Finally, the third list is different names for taverns and bars. Through combining each of these parts, you have a total of 200,000 possible tavern names.

Simply roll once for each part of the table to generate a classic-sounding tavern name for your D&D or other fantasy TTRPG campaign!

For example, I rolled 2 100-sided die and 1 20-sided one. My results were 21, 66, and 12. So, the name of this tavern would be The Two Finger Lounge.

Either check it out below or download the PDF for free.

Random Tavern Names Tables PDF: PDF Icon Random Tavern Name Tables

Tavern Names Generator

Tavern Names
d100 / d20 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
1 Old Rose Inn
2 New Lily Tavern
3 Black River Inn & Tavern
4 White Lake Bar
5 Gold Shoe Pub
6 Silver Dock Public House
7 Blue Gate Saloon
8 Red Fence House
9 Green Road Club
10 Cracked Daisy Taproom
11 Rusty Maid Barroom
12 Wilted Mule Lounge
13 Broken Stool Watering Hole
14 Winding Mug Lodge
15 Tilted Cup Grogshop
16 Open Maiden Roadhouse
17 Soggy Fish Drinkery
18 Drunken Fox Dramshop
19 Rocking Bear Gin Mill
20 One Bull Alehouse
21 Two Wolf
22 Three Fog
23 Sinking Water
24 Sunk Song
25 Masked Net
26 Floating Tree
27 Lost Mountain
28 Found Forest
29 Bow & Fire
30 Running Lady
31 Twisting Knight
32 Salty Table
33 Proud Horse
34 Tall Corner
35 Long Frog
36 Grinning Ship
37 Smiling Cart
38 Frowning Carriage
39 Crying Goat
40 Split Bird
41 Good Brick
42 Bad Jester
43 Pearl Bone
44 Dead Sword
45 Board & Hilt
46 Jolly’s Arrow
47 Shining Buckle
48 Iron Tip
49 Crossed Point
50 Bloody Card
51 Oaken Stone
52 Crooked Rock
53 Bent Tulip
54 Foaming Dandelion
55 Cackling Ghost
56 Short Harlequin
57 First Hawk
58 Curved Wheel
59 Dying Post
60 Seventh Lord
61 Thirteenth Cat
62 King’s Dog
63 Queen’s Coin
64 Final Crown
65 Last Weasel
66 Sad Finger
67 Royal Bolt
68 Stuck Shrine
69 Flaming Pennant
70 Burning Brew
71 Wicker Anvil
72 Notched Hammer
73 Fighting Ingot
74 Angry Eye
75 Lonely Hearth
76 Dancing Oak
77 Ruined Falls
78 Lucky Spoke
79 Hilltop Wagon
80 Waning Dragon
81 Wailing Griffon
82 Haunted Hag
83 Ring & Tail
84 Hidden Fairy
85 Deep Troll
86 Brick Outlaw
87 Wooden Cork
88 Bubbling Sun
89 Merry Moon
90 Waiting Stars
91 Loud Candle
92 Hushed Snow
93 Sleeping Grave
94 Retired Dagger
95 Oiled Court
96 Sparking Mask
97 Upsidedown Wizard
98 Cheery Hound
99 Gloomy Plow
100 Cranky Tune

Using This Tavern Name Generator

Hopefully, this helsp if you’re struggling to come up with a tavern name on-the-fly or even if you’re preparing for your game ahead of time.

Of course, the name or names you generate should come with reasons for them and not just result from the numbers you rolled. The name of a tavern typically has some sort of history; some event or person who played a major part in its founding or in its founder’s past.

For example, maybe The Two Finger Lounge was named after the founder lost 2 of their fingers in a knife fight. Or, perhaps it’s named for the peace finger sign which could have some sort of history in your world.

The point is; you can use the tavern names you roll from these tables as inspiration for other aspects of your world.

Is the name derived from the owner’s past? Does it come from some sort of historic or mystical event? Why would someone name their establishment after these things?

All worldbuilding questions which arise simply by naming a tavern in your game.

If you want more inspiration for your game or help with confusing rules and mechanics, make sure to follow Role Player’s Respite for similar articles!

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